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I offer individual guidance in deep conscious growth towards self-mastery.

Learn the wisdom and ancient Daoist techniques that help cultivate greater inner strength, harmony, and self-empowerment.

Internal Alchemy Client

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I will teach you how to gain full control over your health, wealth and true happiness.

I will guide you through a powerful journey of self-discovery and help you unveil any patterns, thoughts and ways of living that hold you back from living the most empowered life. Build an inner strength, replenish your essence and step into a bigger version of yourself.

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Internal Alchemy Student

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Join the warrior clan and step into a powerful journey towards self-mastery.

I will teach you how to tap into your healing powers, ignite your inner dreamer and manifest the life of you dreams. Build your core power, replenish your essence and allow your inner abundance to naturally flow out to help heal the world. We need you to be the highest version of yourself.

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Skype sessions make it possible to talk in-depth, anywhere in the world. I offer multiple packages that will meet you personal needs.

In-person sessions can be arranged for one-on-one work with deeper energy exchange.  For day sessions travel to me in Arizona. For multi-day bookings, I can also travel to your location (travel/hotel expenses extra).

Most of our problems are not just physical they are usually deeply rooted within our consciousness. Internal Alchemy works on both the physical body and the consciousness, but most directly on our Qi-body. Our Qi-body is at least as complex as our physical body, and roughly consists of: 6 Qi Lun, 5 primary yin organs, 6 secondary yang organs, 12 primary meridians, countless secondary meridians, 365 primary acupuncture points.

During a session I mainly tune into your Qi-Body and consciousness, that way I can sense any Qi deficiencies, Qi blockages, deep rooted emotional, consciousness and sometimes even karmic patterns.

What can be treated…

Internal Alchemy is a very effective way to offer support and relieve you from all kinds of symptoms and conditions.

I work with a huge variety of people most of them having rare and very chronic conditions, or traumas. These conditions are usually deeply rooted within our consciousness, integrated into the deepest level of our being, and some are genetic. This makes the improvement of health difficult, but not impossible. You are more than you feel you are.

My goal is to offer you relief of any kind, that enables you to take the right steps to a more empowered life. I use Internal Alchemy to help and support you work through deeply rooted consciousness and karmic patterns, through replenishing your Qi-reserves and transforming, rebalancing, realigning any unhealthy condition.

A few examples of conditions I work with: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, severe depression, sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, MS and other auto-immune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, sleeping disorders, and many more. In all cases I have been able to offer immediate relief of some sort, though working on chronic conditions takes time.