I offer individual guidance in deep conscious growth and spiritual development.

My teachings are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Daoist Mysticism, offering a solid comprehensive base to work on the totality of life, following the laws of nature allowing holistic healing and sustainable transformation to occur naturally.

“We are containers, we either carry our pain, trauma and emotions, or we can learn to empty ourselves and let the light of life fill us.” – Rune

Healing the Whole of You

Do you often feel ungrounded? Are you easily overwhelmed and affected by the state of others? Do you feel you’ve come here with a mission, but you are unclear as to what it looks like?

You are not alone. Many of us are born in trauma. The crucial development of your consciousness happens mainly in the first seven years of your life. Any traumatic event during this process prevents parts of your soul to fully incarnate in this lifetime. Resulting in soul-fragmentation, loss of a general direction in life, no sense of belonging, feeling unsafe and uneasy in your body, and being ungrounded and easily off balance.

The main focus of my work is to teach you how to release the trauma stored in the body, by learning to get into centred state and tapping into your body-knowing. By becoming aware of what you are holding onto the body initiates the digestion of it, creating space that naturally wants to be occupied by the rest of your soul. This allows you to be fully grounded, and gain full control of your life again.

There is something deeply satisfying about the richness that comes from aligning your consciousness and fully incarnating in this lifetime.


The Qi-Body

Most of your problems are not just physical they are deeply rooted within your consciousness. I work on both the physical body and the consciousness, but most directly on your Qi-body. Your Qi-body is at least as complex as your physical body, and roughly consists of: 6 primary Qi Lun (chakras), 5 primary yin organs, 6 secondary yang organs, 12 primary meridians, countless secondary meridians, 365 primary acupuncture points.

During a session I mainly tune into your Qi-Body and consciousness, that way I can sense and identify any Qi deficiencies, Qi blockages, deep rooted emotional, consciousness and even karmic patterns.

Deep Pattern Work

You’ve entered this life with an incarnational plan, the path that is most effective leading you towards soul growth. Any strong identification with your pain causes you to derive from your path, putting you out of alignment, losing meaning and direction.

You are creature of habit and this false identification is often ingrained in many layers of your life. With the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and my innate sense I can accurately tell the state of your organs. They are a direct reflection of what is out of alignment in your consciousness. This allows me to quickly pinpoint any mental, emotional and karmic patterns that are keeping you from following your truest path.

Through this you come to understand the fullness of who you are, not just intellectually or conceptually, but know it because you can feel it moment by moment, and you come home to the hearth of your Spirit.

Work With Me

Skype sessions make it possible to talk in-depth, anywhere in the world. I offer multiple packages with flexible payment plans that will meet you personal needs.

In-person sessions can be arranged for one-on-one work with deeper energy exchange.  For multi-day bookings, I can travel to your location (travel/accommodation expenses extra).

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