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Interactive and LIVE course Traditional Chinese Medicine

We are containers; we either carry our pain, trauma and story, or we can choose to empty ourselves, let the light of life fill us and step into our highest destiny.

Learn about the science behind emptiness and how it can fully transform your life.

The entire Universe and our bodies are made mostly out of empty space! It is the source of all energy, matter and information, in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is also known as the primordial energy named Yuan Qi or better known as Source Energy.

Through the use of integrated Qigong exercises you can cultivate this sacred emptiness, creating an invitation for this primordial energy to enter your life.

Benefits from this course:

  • Find your purpose with guided explorations through your inner realm.
  • Learn how the heart reflects the empty space in the universe and it is a guide towards self-mastery.
  • Change your health radically by utilizing primordial energy.
  • Understand the law of attraction through ancient Daoist wisdom.
  • And much more…

What this course includes…

One 60min introduction session

In-person or Skype session. I want to get to know you better, create a personalized strategy and see how the content of this course can be implemented into your daily life.
(Total Value: $155)

2-weekly 90min LIVE Group-sessions

We’ll work together as a group, synchronize our consciousness and build a strong and sacred space to explore the deeper realms within ourselves and the Universe.
(Total Value: $400)


Bonus 1) Comprehensive Manual

A Manual that contains the full package so you can keep studying.
(Total Value: $155)

Bonus 2) One 60min 1-on-1 Support & Guidance session

Personalized support to help you dive more deeply into the transformation process.
Prepare for big changes!
(Total Value: $155)

Total Value: $865 – Total Price: $595

The Application:

This course will be tailor made to ensure a personalized experience and get as much out of this dense content!