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Join me for a Free Masterclass on Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Every month I cover a new topic on how to live the most empowering life, through utilizing ancient Daoist teachings and techniques.

Are you ready to completely transform your health, wealth and happiness? Then this class is exactly what you’re looking for! Allow me to introduce you to the wealth of wisdom the Ancient Chinese culture holds.

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Block out the time in your calendar and make sure you’re in a distraction-free environment.

 Make sure to check the right time for your time-zone. Class starts 1pm MST (UTC -7).

Schedule approximately 75 minutes for this class. Make sure to be in a good state before the class starts.

Rune Lekkerkerker

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapist, Internal Alchemist and Qigong Expert.

As an TCM-Therapist and Qigong Expert I specialize in utilizing ancient Daoist Internal Alchemy techniques to transform deep rooted consciousness patterns to live the most empowered life possible.

Using these ancient teachings I want to teach you how to alchemize the life of your dreams, total wellbeing and becoming the master of your life.

In this class:

  • Each class starts with a guided meditation to set an intention and get you in a deep and embodied state.
  • Clear tension, stress or even trauma from your emotional body, with the use of simple and very effective ancient Daoist techniques.
  • Learn more about the transformational powers of the Emotional Digestive System.
  • The power of attraction through the use of your personal energy field! Create the reality you desire.
  • We end the class with a Q&A round (this is my favorite part).
  • And much more…

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