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A deep and comprehensive guide to self empowerment, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, rooted within a modern view fitted for this time spirit.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their skills as a therapist or wants to become one. Combined with powerful tools to tap into the deeply transformational powers that lie innately within you.

I am hand-selecting 10 individuals to be part of this 6-week online course to become an Internal Alchemist. No previous experience needed, just an insatiable curiosity and drive to explore your deepest essence and share it with the world.

Internal Alchemy Modules

What this course includes…

One 90min introduction session

In-person or Skype session. I want to get to know you, help you tap into your essence as a healer, set goals and see how we can work together.

6-Weekly 120min Internal Alchemy Live Group-sessions

As a group we will work together and learn to apply Internal Alchemy.

A Fully Comprehensive Manual

A Manual that contains the full package so you can keep studying.


Bonus 1) Unlimited eMail & Text Correspondence (48-hour reply)

I’ve got your back and will be right there to respond whenever you need me.

Bonus 2) 6-Weekly 60min 1-on-1 Support & Guidance sessions

Personalised support to help you dive more deeply into the unique 6-week transformation process.

The Application:

I want to make sure you are a perfect fit for the Internal Alchemy Master Class, so please fill out the form and I’ll you get back to you shortly.

Please register today, as space is limited to 10-Selected Individuals.

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