When you have knowledge to understand what is going on within you energetically and you have tools to do what you need to do in order to come into full vibrational alignment with all that you are.

Then you come to understand the fullness of who you are, not just intellectually or conceptually, but know it because you can feel it moment by moment, and you come home to the hearth of your Spirit.

This course is for anyone who: is easily ungrounded, confused, directionless, faces big challenges in life, gets drained of energy easily, emotionally overwhelmed and deals with unresolved trauma.

These conditions will especially benefit from this module: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Sleeping Disorders, Nerve Pains, Anxiety, Stress.

Anyone from any level with any condition is welcome and will benefit.

Thank you Rune for this workshop. There was a lot of powerful and useful information – but what I found most powerful was just your presence. I could feel my inner brightness come alive just by connecting with you, through the screen (and I barely know you). In this two hour session I was able to gain clarity (and even closure to some degree) around a pattern that had recently come up. Inspiring. You are clearly on a true path. Thanks again. 
– Verena (New Zealand)

This info is amaazing, it is making changes in many aspects of my life.
My work, my Qigong practise, my day to day experiences.
I’m feeling myself and getting to know myself more deeply as I cultivate this new understanding of “presence”
Thank you Rune
You are one of a kind, I feel very blessed

– Cathy (Ireland)

Internal Realm

Schedule & Program Overview

Week 1: Tuesday September 12th –  The Energetic Science Behind Finding Your Purpose.

The disconnect from our own essence and purpose is the root cause of many symptoms and illnesses, for you are astray, you are out of alignment.

  • Gain the knowledge to understand why you are out of alignment and disconnected from your essence. What is holding you back?

Week 2: Tuesday September 19th – Dissolve the Emotional Barrier.

Your unresolved emotions and traumas get stored in your body, starting at the diaphragm level, creating a barrier, literally disconnecting you from your essence. Your deep presence dissolves the emotional tension and allows for the trauma to be released naturally without activating or reliving it.

  • This week we will discuss the nature of presence and how to cultivate it.
  • You’ll learn multiple techniques to guide and move the stuck emotions through your system, allowing them to end their natural cycle.

Week 3: Tuesday September 29th – Come Home to Yourself, Anchor Your Spirit.

Our Spirit naturally wants to be connected and rooted in your essence. The Emotional Barrier withholds the Spirit from growing its roots deeply into your essence. Making you ungrounded, easily lose yourself in dreamstates, no direction in life, gets easily overwhelmed, and confusion.

  • This week we will apply all that you have learned with the use of simple but effective techniques to ground and anchor your spirit back into your essence, allowing you to regain control over your life.

Thank you Rune for this inspiring sharing of your deep understanding. I love the passion and the rebel of conscious in you and can relate to that very much! Much love!
– Anke (Germany)

Many many thanks Rune. I treasure your presence and wisdom. Seeing your light is inspiring me not to hold mine back, the tools you are giving us is tremendous support on a deeper level.
– Madeleine (United Kingdom)

The buildup of each class…

  1. Each class we’ll start with setting our intentions for the week.
  2. Then we’ll go over what we’re going to discuss that week.
  3. We will break the class up with a guided meditation or a lovely exercise to keep you focused and in a good state.
  4. At the end of the class there will be plenty of space to ask questions and go deeper into personal stories.
  5. Each week you’ll receive homework, something to work on and help integrate the newly acquired knowledge.
  6. Last but not least, we’ll bring the class to a close by going inwards, taking the good state into your daily life.

What is included?

  • 3 Two-Hour Weekly Classes (Each class will be recorder so you can watch them later again).
  • 3 Recorded Guided Meditations, each goes along with the theme of the week. This will help guide you and bridge the time between each class making the course highly effective.
  • Each week you’ll receive practical tools and techniques (homework) to help you implement the knowledge into your daily life, allowing you to make deeper impact and change.
  • Email and text support I am there whenever you need me. I usually respond within 24-hours, but in some cases it can go up to 48-hours, please bear in mind I have a lot of clients to respond to each day.

Total Value: €500 – Total Price: €295

Payment plans are also possible. I am committed to the principle that no one will be excluded for financial reasons.
Click here to get in contact about payment plans.