Over the years I’ve gained broad experiential knowledge of philosophical, spiritual, mystical, and alchemical ancient Chinese disciplines, such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daoism, Buddhism, Martial Arts, Taiji and Qigong.


I am a certified Acupuncturist, with Tuina (massage), Nutrition and Western Medicine as part of my 5 year study in 2008.

As a TCM-Therapist I am specialised in ‘Wu Shen’ (The Five Spirits), which is a study based on ancient traditional Chinese wisdom to understand the human consciousness on a very deep level.

Rune Lekkerkerker
Rune Lekkerkerker

Qigong Expert

After practicing the martial arts, Taiji and Qigong for 15 years I became a certified teacher in 2010. Every year I travel to New Zealand to attend the ‘Teachers and Therapists Training’ to develop my skills as a teacher. Since 2014 I have been teaching the TCM component every year as part of the international training.

Medical Intuitive

I have been born with the ability to sense someone’s internal realm. Over the years I’ve developed this sensitivity as a tool to diagnose. Traditional Chinese Medicine has offered me the knowledge to gain profound and clear insights into the exact workings of our internal realm. I feel your internal realm just as easily as mine, and allows me to pinpoint the root cause of many problems accurately and quickly.

Rune Lekkerkerker

My background

Having been born with particular sensitivities to the world around me, it took me many years to develop and fine tune these into tools for service. At the age of 14 I started practising martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong. This gave me the discipline and knowledge to work on myself. I was very dedicated and became more centred within myself quite quickly.

Despite being more centred I still felt quite overwhelmed and confused most of the time and I needed more guidance. For two years, from the age of 15, I was mentored by an experienced Reiki Master and Chakra Healer, who taught me to channel my sensitivities and how to work with Qi. She was amazing and held a beautiful space for me to be more of myself, and I quickly grew.

Immediately after secondary school, at the age of 18, I went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) College to learn Acupuncture, Tuina, Nutrition and Western Medicine. This truly felt like my life’s calling and vocation to follow this path and be of help to others. Five years later I became a certified Acupuncturist and started my own practice. After my basic study, I deepened my knowledge and started to specialise in “Wu Shen” (The Five Spirits), which is a study to understand the human consciousness on a very deep level. I continue to study TCM to this day as it is a vast and fascinating lifelong subject with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

During these years of studying I was still very dedicated to practising martial arts & Qigong, and after 8 years of practice, at the age of 23 I became a certified Zhineng Qigong teacher and started teaching.

Very soon after that the universe had the most powerful journey of my life in store for me. My Qigong teacher at the time introduced me to the books of Yuan Tze, a true Qigong master who founded and teaches the Ren Xue Life Cultivation system. Originally from China, he is based in New Zealand where his annual Teachers & Therapists trainings are held.

I felt a strong affinity with his teachings and in 2013 I felt very guided to go to New Zealand, to learn the new Yuan Gong Qigong methods Yuan Tze had developed. After this intense, inspiring and life-changing two week retreat I started travelling. I now travel the world to offer my services to anyone who resonates and crosses my path.