Spirit is the Master of your life, it speaks in silence and is rooted in emptiness.

You can learn to empty yourself, let go of pain, trauma and emotions, and allow spirit to occupy the centre of your life again, to regain full control and spiritual freedom.

My teachings are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Daoist Mysticism, offering a solid comprehensive base to work on the totality of life, following the laws of nature allowing holistic healing and sustainable transformation to occur naturally.

I offer a gentle but strong holding space where your entire being is welcome, and you can finally relax, melt and surrender back into your natural state. From here I will guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and self-actualisation, allowing you to come back to the warm hearth of your own spirit.

I offer: 1-on-1 guidance, Online Courses and Free & LIVE Monthly Classes.

Free & LIVE Online Classes

Each month I offer free online classes based on what is needed at that time, you decide. They are specifically designed to offer you tools and knowledge to navigate challenges in life, find you way back to wellbeing and work through emotional stress and trauma how nature intended.

These classes are a great introduction to my teachings.

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People’s Experiences…

“You ARE born to share your light… What a gift you are Rune!!! I was transformed by simply listening to you. Your ability to anchor people with such lightness and humanness is extraordinary.” – Saif Ali (UK)

“Rune is a wonderful gifted teacher who is able to communicate complex topics clearly and brightly.” – Jo Roberson (NZ)

“Many many thanks Rune. I treasure your presence and wisdom. Seeing your light is inspiring me not to hold mine back, the tools you are giving us is tremendous support on a deeper level.” – Madeleine Fuggle (UK)


September 12th 2017

3-Week Online and Interactive Course

Learn to discover your purpose, anchor and ground yourself during these turbulent times. I will teach you how to naturally release emotional tension and trauma. Create the stillness your heart needs in order to be centered, strong and clear.

This course invites and teaches you how to come home to yourself, to the hearth of your spirit…

Welcome home…


“Rune is a pleasure to work with. He is a genuinely caring, knowledgeable, experienced and gifted healer. After our first session, I noticed that my sleep was greatly improved. This was very encouraging as I have had trouble with insomnia for many years. Both my mood and vitality were enhanced in a positive way as well. While our sessions were in progress, Rune also offered concrete suggestions that were, and continue to be, of tremendous help.”
– Belinda Sweet (USA)

“Rune has been instrumental in helping our teenage son with Chronic Fatigue. Rune’s calm and supportive approach provided a friendly, warm and confident environment where our son felt able to express how he felt and work towards improving his situation. He equipped him with tools to relax and cope with the trials of insomnia and depleted energy. Rune provided a regular focus for periods when our son was really ill, and offered a calm and nurturing deep healing which helped our son feel more in control of his condition.”
– Alison Barton (UK)