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My name is Rune

I dedicate my life to support & guide conscious entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, artists, and leaders to tap into their truest essence and live the most empowered life possible. I believe you are needed in this world as the highest version of yourself.

Through offering a solid support system with comprehensive and effective tools you are able to reach a heightened quality of life, healthy symptoms are: good health, true happiness and joy, a strong sense of wellbeing, being the master of one’s own life, and true understanding, clarity and wisdom.

“This is a time where the collective transition is so radical we can no longer live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

Rely, therefore, on radical trust, even though the moment may call for you to leap, empty-handed, into the void.

With this your true warrior nature reveals itself.”

– Rune


“Rune is a pleasure to work with. He is a genuinely caring, knowledgeable, experienced and gifted healer.
After our first few sessions, I noticed that my sleep was greatly improved. This was very encouraging as I have had trouble with insomnia for many years. Both my mood and vitality were enhanced in a positive way as well. 
While our sessions were in progress, Rune also offered concrete suggestions that were, and continue to be, of tremendous help.”
– Belinda

“Rune has been instrumental in helping our teenage son with Chronic Fatigue. Rune’s calm and supportive approach provided a friendly, warm and confident  environment where our son felt able to express how he felt and work towards improving his situation.  He equipped him with tools to relax and cope with the trials of insomnia and depleted energy. Rune provided a regular focus for periods when our son was really ill, and offered a calm and nurturing deep healing which helped our son feel more in control of his condition.”

– Alison